The Benefits of Lemongrass Soap

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon ciatrus) is a tropical herb found in Asia.  Lemongrass has an aromatic citrus taste with a hint of ginger. This herb is widely used for Asian food and beverage.  Lemonrgass is also found in candles, perfumes, and soaps.

What are the benefits of lemongrass? It has calming effect that helps to relieve stress and insomnia. People in tropical area also use lemon grass as insect repellent. Combined with other herbs, lemongrass will double its benefits. The duo of lemon grass and pepper will heal menstrual sickness. Lemongrass is also made for herbs tea to soothe body and heal diuretic.

Lemongrass for beauty and health? Why not.

Lemongrass is one of the important herbs for soap that gives health and beauty benefits.

Essential lemon grass oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and other herbs are poured together into  a piece of soap bar.

Benefit to health:
• Cure and prevent  pimples.
• Curing of itching and skin disease.
• Tighten and smooth the skin.
• Whitening skin.
• Eliminates body odor.

Apply to your skin during bathtime and enjoy the touch of nature. Unique scent, smooth texture, mild bubbles.

Fresh and natural.

Used before midnite sleep, you can feel relax and sleep sound.



About naturalsoapbar

Natural Soap Bar is a place where you can buy 100% handmade soap. Two handmade soaps are featured here. Lemongrass soap for adults and 'Minyak Telon' soap for newly born babies and children.
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